November Market Update

With the holiday season on it's way the real estate market quiets down a bit. Here's a quick view at what the market looks now.

  • Pinecrest presently has 155 homes on the market for sale, and 34 homes under contract.
  • Palmetto Bay has 139 homes on the market and 39 under contract.
  • Coral Gables has 289 homes on the market and 40 under contract.
  • Coconut Grove has 299 homes on the market and 103 under contract.
  • South Miami has 43 homes for sale and 14 homes under contract.

Prices are starting to stablilize and banks are making it a little easier to qualify. Interest rates are still at a record low, and rumors that the Fed is going to be raising interest rates, make it a good time to buy!