Fall Update

The real estate market is still strong, interest rates are still low.

There are definitely more properties on the market, however, if you are priced competitively you will sell! Overpriced properties sit and then are reduced little by little, and buyers lose interest. Your first few weeks on the market are when you will get the most activity, as you are β€œnew man on the block!”
     The banks are loosening up a bit but there are lot of changes going into effect October 1 for the protection of the buyers. Mortgage brokers and real estate attorneys are gearing up for all the changes, disclosures and government oversight. Getting mortgages and closings done may take a few days longer than previously as a result of the new disclosures that have to be given to buyers and sellers a minimum of three days prior to closing. The disclosures are basically what your costs are and will replace the old HUD.

     For now though, let's all enjoy the change in weather, the holidays and some of the amazing events coming up in South Florida...

Have a wonderful season!
All the best, Roz